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5 great benefits in using this service
1. It saves you time and money. We process the order and deliver your brochure, only charging you for postage. No charge for packing, packaging or administration
2. We provide full reports of brochures ordered and distributed
3. We actively promote the site to encourage all tourism locations to provide visitor information
4. Your brochure will receive exposure to users who could use your information, but who don't know you exist
5. Tourist Information Offices, Visitor Information Points, Conference Organisers, Tour Operators and Accommodation Providers throughout the entire Island of Ireland use our service

How it works for you
You deliver to us
1. A supply of brochures to our warehouse
2. A PDF of your brochure if you wish it to be available for downloading on the website
3. A membership fee if you are not a Glance Promotions brochure display client
4. A credit that is assigned to your account which is only used against the cost of posting your brochures to those who order them. We guarantee that the service will cost you no more than standard postage rates
4. When your account and/or brochure stock run low, we contact you to request more supplies, or automatically invoice you to replenish your credit.

How it works for the trade
Tourist offices and other trades partners have two options to choose from in using this service—Online or FREEPOST

1. Online user logs on and browses the entire listing of available brochures
2. User clicks to view brochures by desired topic and location and places an order
3. The order is picked, packed and dispatched
4. Glance manages logistics, stock, order handling, shipping and reporting

1.User either receives a FREEPOST order form from us or downloads one from
2.Beside each brochure title they desire the user writes in how many they want to receive
3.User posts the order form free of charge using our FREEPOST service
4.The order is picked, packed and dispatched
5.Glance manages logistics, stock, order handling, shipping and reporting

A full report will be sent to you each time your credit runs low.
The report details:
Who ordered your brochure
Total number of orders received
Total number of brochures ordered and distributed
Total cost of posting these orders
You will automatically also receive an invoice at this stage to top-up your credit.


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