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of travellers cited brochure racks as their most important source of information during their trip. Professor Ian Cross, Bentley University. International visitor survey in 15 countries, including Ireland.

96% of California visitors used brochures and visitor guides during their trip to plan it. Lauren Schlau, LSC Consulting, Los Angeles. Survey of visitors to California Welcome Centres.

78% of Montana visitors used brochure racks during their trip. Dr. Norma Nickerson, Professor University of Montana. Survey of non-resident vacationer trip planning.

40% of visitors say tourist maps and brochures influence unplanned stops. Brett Bylsma, Tourism Western Australia Research.

63% of visitors say brochures provide them with the ability to learn about local attractions and activites. Professor Ian Cross, Bentley University. International visitor survey in 15 countries, including Ireland.

34% of visitors planned to extend their stay because of a brochure they picked up from a brochure rack. Professor Ian Cross, Bentley University. International visitor survey in 15 countries, including Ireland.

Kathleen Andereck, Professor, Arizona State University: Brochures remain one of the most commonly used tourist information sources.

Dr. Patrick Tierney, Professor, San Francisco State University: Once travellers leave home, brochures become the top planning tool. International visitor survey in 9 countries, including Ireland.

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"Brochures play a greater role than the Internet, for example, in influencing the decisions of travellers who have already left home." Claude Peloquin. Tourism Intelligence Network, Canada.

"Working with Glance for over 15 years I can still say that their brochure racks are still one of our most important marketing tools." Elizabeth Kearns, Cork City Gaol.

"We place top priority on our brochures and their effective distribution. We have been using Glance since 1992 and have always been happy that for cost-effectiveness in delivering business it is a sound investment." Marie Slattery, Shannon Heritage & Banquets

"We track all our marketing components for number of leads generated and consistently brochure distribution provides us with the most leads and one of the lowest costs. It’s a mainstay of our marketing plans." Kelly Houston, Smith & Jones Marketing, Nevada

"Recently we expanded both the geographic radius and schedule length of our brochure distribution, as well as testing a new coupon. The results were extraordinary. There’s no doubt that our attendance increase of 23% over the previous year, was due in part to our professional brochure distribution management." Steven Lerbman, ECHO Lake Aquarium, Vermont

"Our rack brochure coupon continues to be the most redeemed coupon each month by far. The average redemption on coupons is anywhere from 100-300 per month, but our brochure rack coupons is anywhere from 1,500-2,000 per month. In February we received coupons that generated us $23,766 in revenue. And that’s not even our busiest month!" John Sallot, Desert Botanical Gardens, Arizona

"Brochures on display are the number one method we have of introducing our attraction to the tourist." Arnaud Bennet, Le Pal Recreation Park, France

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