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Visitors may access Ireland through different ports. They may come for different reasons. They may stay in various accommodations. But they all want to know what to do when they are here. They all seek out information all the time and Glance always seeks to try and deliver this information, by placing your brochures in the hands of visitors during their visit.

Our brochure racks are placed in many locations. In fact they are requested all the time by locations who know guests need information if they want them to enjoy their time. The Irish visitor experience is the enjoyment of multiple products. Visitors travel to explore places they don’t know, so by default require reasons to stay, explore, enjoy and return! Our locations understand their guests and how tourism matters.

Glance Promotions, 4 Shannonside Business Park, Birdhill, Co. Tipperary. V94 PC4D
T: 061-338 588. F: 061-338 584. E.