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In 2010 The Center for Marketing Technology at Bentley University in Massachusetts, conducted an international survey of travellers. They were asked questions about what influenced their travel plans. 1,765 surveys were completed from 15 cities in 5 countries, including Ireland. This is the second time holidaymakers in Ireland have been included in international surveys on what influences their travel plans.

The results showed clearly that while new technology is a preferred source of seeking information on a travel destination before a trip, that during trips the preferred source was information found on brochure racks.

No less than 69% of visitors said brochure racks are their number one source of information during their trip.

Leisure travellers continue to desire easy to read and easy to find information about local attractions found in brochure racks in hotels and visitor information centres.

The tremendous advantages of brochures continue to deliver results. They are:
Known — Everyone understands how to use them
Low Cost & Targeted — Select only the coverage you need
Effective — They reach visitors on holidays when they can actually purchase
Simple — You pick it up and you have it
Portable — Easy to pass on or to keep.

Download The International Association of Visitor Information Providers research which shows the importance of Brochures and Visitor Information in Guiding Guests.


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